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18.2.3 closelog

The symbols referred to in this section are declared in the file

 -- Function: void closelog (void)
     Preliminary: | MT-Safe | AS-Unsafe lock | AC-Unsafe lock fd | *Note
     POSIX Safety Concepts::.

     'closelog' closes the current Syslog connection, if there is one.
     This includes closing the '/dev/log' socket, if it is open.
     'closelog' also sets the identification string for Syslog messages
     back to the default, if 'openlog' was called with a non-NULL
     argument to IDENT.  The default identification string is the
     program name taken from argv[0].

     If you are writing shared library code that uses 'openlog' to
     generate custom syslog output, you should use 'closelog' to drop
     the GNU C Library's internal reference to the IDENT pointer when
     you are done.  Please read the section on 'openlog' for more
     information: *Note openlog::.

     'closelog' does not flush any buffers.  You do not have to call
     'closelog' before re-opening a Syslog connection with 'openlog'.
     Syslog connections are automatically closed on exec or exit.

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