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   Cronolog is a log file rotation program for web servers.

   This file describes version 1.3 of cronolog.

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What is Cronolog?

   Cronolog is a log file rotation program for web servers.

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How Cronolog works

   When Cronolog starts up it examines the log file template specified
on the command line and determines the periodicity of the log files,
i.e. how often the log file should be rotated.  It does this by looking
for date format directives within the template and recording which
directive specifies the smallest unit of time.

   When a log file is opened, Cronolog calculates the earliest time at
which a new log file should be written.

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Support utilities

   If you have not been rotating your log files or you have used another
mechanism for rotating log files, you may want to split your existing
log files according to the template you are using for Cronolog.  A
simple perl script called `split-logs-by-timestamp' is provided to do
just that.

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