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5.9 strfry

The function below addresses the perennial programming quandary: "How do
I take good data in string form and painlessly turn it into garbage?"
This is actually a fairly simple task for C programmers who do not use
the GNU C library string functions, but for programs based on the GNU C
library, the `strfry' function is the preferred method for destroying
string data.

   The prototype for this function is in `string.h'.

 -- Function: char * strfry (char *STRING)
     `strfry' creates a pseudorandom anagram of a string, replacing the
     input with the anagram in place.  For each position in the string,
     `strfry' swaps it with a position in the string selected at random
     (from a uniform distribution).  The two positions may be the same.

     The return value of `strfry' is always STRING.

     *Portability Note:*  This function is unique to the GNU C library.

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