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23.7 `timeout': Run a command with a time limit

`timeout' runs the given COMMAND and kills it if it is still running
after the specified time interval.  Synopsis:

     timeout [OPTION] NUMBER[smhd] COMMAND [ARG]...

   NUMBER is an integer followed by an optional unit; the default is
seconds.  The units are:





   COMMAND must not be a special built-in utility (*note Special
built-in utilities::).

   The program accepts the following option.  Also see *note Common
options::.  Options must precede operands.

     Send this SIGNAL to COMMAND on timeout, rather than the default
     `TERM' signal. SIGNAL may be a name like `HUP' or a number. Also
     see *Note Signal specifications::.

   Exit status:

     124 if COMMAND times out
     125 if `timeout' itself fails
     126 if COMMAND is found but cannot be invoked
     127 if COMMAND cannot be found
     the exit status of COMMAND otherwise

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