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BLOCKDEV(8)                                                        BLOCKDEV(8)

       blockdev - call block device ioctls from the command line

       blockdev [options] commands devices
       blockdev --report [devices]

       The  utility blockdev allows one to call block device ioctls from the command line.

       -V     Print version and exit.

       -q     Be quiet.

       -v     Be verbose.

              Print a report for devices.  Note that the partition StartSec is in 512-byte

              Set read-only.

              Set read-write.

              Get read-only. Print 1 if the device is read-only, 0 otherwise.

              Print sectorsize in bytes - usually 512.

              Print blocksize in bytes.

       --setbsz N
              Set  blocksize to N bytes.  Note that the block size is specific to the cur-
              rent file descriptor opening the block device, so the change of  block  size
              only  persists for as long as blockdev has the device open, and is lost once
              blockdev exits.

              Print device size in  sectors  (BLKGETSIZE).  Deprecated  in  favor  of  the
              --getsz option.

              Print device size in bytes (BLKGETSIZE64)

              Get size in 512-byte sectors (BLKGETSIZE64 / 512).

       --setra N
              Set readahead to N 512-byte sectors.

              Print readahead (in 512-byte sectors).

       --setfra N
              Set filesystem readahead (same like --setra on 2.6 kernels).

              Get filesystem readahead.

              Flush buffers.

              Reread partition table.

       blockdev was written by Andries E. Brouwer.

       The  blockdev  command  is  part of the util-linux-ng package and is available from

                                   Jun 2007                        BLOCKDEV(8)

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