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DES_CRYPT(3)               Linux Programmer's Manual              DES_CRYPT(3)

       des_crypt, ecb_crypt, cbc_crypt, des_setparity, DES_FAILED - fast DES encryption

       #include <rpc/des_crypt.h>

       int ecb_crypt(char *key, char *data, unsigned datalen,
                     unsigned mode);

       int cbc_crypt(char *key, char *data, unsigned datalen,
                     unsigned mode, char *ivec);

       void des_setparity(char *key);

       int DES_FAILED(int status);

       ecb_crypt()  and  cbc_crypt()  implement  the  NBS  DES (Data Encryption Standard).
       These routines are faster and more general purpose than crypt(3).   They  also  are
       able  to  utilize  DES  hardware  if  it is available.  ecb_crypt() encrypts in ECB
       (Electronic  Code  Book)  mode,  which  encrypts  blocks  of  data   independently.
       cbc_crypt()  encrypts  in  CBC  (Cipher Block Chaining) mode, which chains together
       successive blocks.  CBC mode protects against insertions, deletions  and  substitu-
       tions  of  blocks.   Also,  regularities  in  the clear text will not appear in the
       cipher text.

       Here is how to use these routines.  The first argument, key, is the 8-byte  encryp-
       tion  key with parity.  To set the key's parity, which for DES is in the low bit of
       each byte, use des_setparity().  The second argument, data, contains the data to be
       encrypted  or  decrypted.   The  third argument, datalen, is the length in bytes of
       data, which must be a multiple of 8.  The fourth argument, mode, is  formed  by  OR
       'ing  together  some things.  For the encryption direction OR in either DES_ENCRYPT
       or DES_DECRYPT.  For software versus hardware encryption, OR in  either  DES_HW  or
       DES_SW.   If  DES_HW is specified, and there is no hardware, then the encryption is
       performed in software and the routine returns DESERR_NOHWDEVICE.  For  cbc_crypt(),
       the  argument  ivec  is  the  8-byte initialization vector for the chaining.  It is
       updated to the next initialization vector upon return.

       DESERR_NONE         No error.
       DESERR_NOHWDEVICE   Encryption succeeded, but  done  in  software  instead  of  the
                           requested hardware.
       DESERR_HWERROR      An error occurred in the hardware or driver.
       DESERR_BADPARAM     Bad argument to routine.

       Given  a result status stat, the macro DES_FAILED(stat) is false only for the first
       two statuses.

       These routines are present in libc 4.6.27 and later, and in glibc 2.1 and later.

       4.3BSD.  Not in POSIX.1-2001.

       des(1), crypt(3), xcrypt(3)

       This page is part of release 3.22 of the Linux man-pages project.  A description of
       the  project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at http://www.ker-

                                  2007-05-18                      DES_CRYPT(3)

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