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FREE(1)                       Linux User's Manual                      FREE(1)

       free - Display amount of free and used memory in the system

       free [-b | -k | -m | -g | -h] [-o] [-s delay ] [-c count ] [-a] [-t] [-l] [-V]

       free  displays  the  total  amount of free and used physical and swap memory in the
       system, as well as the buffers used by the kernel.  The shared memory column repre-
       sents the 'Shmem' value.  The available memory column represents the 'MemAvailable'

       The -b switch displays the amount of  memory  in  bytes;  the  -k  switch  (set  by
       default)  displays  it in kilobytes; the -m switch displays it in megabytes; the -g
       switch displays it in gigabytes.

       The -h switch displays all output  fields  automatically  scaled  to  the  shortest
       (three  digit) representation including the unit. That makes the values human read-

       The -t switch displays a line containing the totals.

       The -o switch disables the display of a "buffer adjusted" line.  If the  -o  option
       is  not specified, free subtracts buffer memory from the used memory and adds it to
       the free memory reported.

       The -s switch activates continuous polling delay seconds apart.  You  may  actually
       specify any floating point number for delay, usleep(3) is used for microsecond res-
       olution delay times.

       The -c switch used together with the -s switch interrupts the polling  after  count

       The -l switch shows detailed low and high memory statistics.

       The  -a  switch  shows the available memory (if supported by the running kernel and
       enabled with sysctl -w vm.meminfo_legacy_layout=0 ; shows zero when unsupported  or
       disabled). The produced output is wider than 80 characters.

       The -V switch displays version information.

       /proc/meminfo-- memory information

       ps(1), slabtop(1), vmstat(8), top(1)

       Written by Brian Edmonds.

       Send bug reports to <albert AT>

Cohesive Systems                 20 Mar 1993                           FREE(1)

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