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startup(7)                                                          startup(7)

       startup - event signalling system startup

       startup [ENV]...

       The startup event is generated by the Upstart init(8) daemon after it has completed
       its own initialisation and is the signal  that  the  rest  of  the  system  may  be

       Typically  this  will  involve checking and mounting the partitions and drives that
       form the filesystem, loading drivers for connected devices and starting the X  win-
       dowing system or other login environment.

       In  the default Upstart configuration, the primary task run on the startup event is
       the /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf job responsible for generating the System V  compati-
       ble  runlevel(7) event.  See that page for a more detailed explanation of this pro-

       Paradoxically there is currently no corresponding Upstart-native  event  signifying
       that the system is to be shutdown, only the System V compatible runlevel 0 and run-
       level 6 events provide this functionality.

       A service with no other dependencies run on startup might use:

              start on startup

       runlevel(7) init(8)

Upstart                           2009-07-09                        startup(7)

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