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Basic classifier in tc(8)                     Linux                     Basic classifier in tc(8)

       basic - basic traffic control filter

       tc filter ... basic [ match EMATCH_TREE ] [ action ACTION_SPEC ] [ classid CLASSID ]

       The basic filter allows to classify packets using the extended match infrastructure.

       action ACTION_SPEC
              Apply an action from the generic actions framework on matching packets.

       classid CLASSID
              Push matching packets into the class identified by CLASSID.

       match EMATCH_TREE
              Match  packets  using  the  extended  match  infrastructure. See tc-ematch(8) for a
              detailed description of the allowed syntax in EMATCH_TREE.

       tc(8), tc-ematch(8)

iproute2                                   21 Oct 2015                  Basic classifier in tc(8)

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