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whatis(1)                                                            whatis(1)

       whatis - search the whatis database for complete words.

       whatis keyword ...

       whatis  searches  a  set  of database files containing short descriptions of system
       commands for keywords and displays the result on the standard  output.   Only  com-
       plete word matches are displayed.

       The whatis database is created using the command /usr/sbin/makewhatis.

       John  W. Eaton was the original author of man.  Zeyd M. Ben-Halim released man 1.2,
       and Andries Brouwer followed up with versions 1.3 thru  1.5p.   Federico  Lucifredi
       <flucifredi AT acm.org> is the current maintainer.

       apropos(1), man(1).

                              September 19, 2005                     whatis(1)

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